My Military…

25 Feb

Dear senile Senior,*

Yesterday on my drive home from school I passed your house with an American Flag hung upside down. I was in a debate with myself over what to do. So I decided that if I passed it again, and it wasn’t fixed, I would stop. Sure enough, today it still flew ashamed. I pulled into the driveway, and rang the door to no answer.

As I affixed the colors to their respected positions, I wondered how many people passed and did nothing… I am often more critical of my government’s actions than most… But I dearly love what we represent, who we are as a people, and the honor bestowed upon us as a free nation.

And rest assured, should I see it flown upside down again, I will gladly aquire a new wall fixture for the basement.

Not Respect.

*(I’m an optimistic realist.)

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Posted by on February 25, 2011 in adventure, freedom, life, roadstops..., rocks...


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