Novice is a reoccurring theme…

18 Jun

I started… I started because…

I started it because it was a challenge that most would say “snooze” to. The initial wake ups were fairly simple. In January we were warming up in the by 6:30. Early, no doubt, but not unheard of from my point of view. And then we had our first water practice. And it all changed.

The morning alarms started to ring earlier and earlier; and pressure compounded with demand, as a week of spring training pounded the fundamentals into your legs, back, arms and head.

But to tell the truth, all of this is trivial. The freedom of rowing is linked to anyone who ever took off on a bike. Anyone who was set free by a competition. Anyone who has ever come to the bench satisfied with the burn of bloodied knees and a diving save… These moments of rejoice come with a price tag. Time, sweat, blood, tears, guts, pain, loss, defeat, mistakes, failure… all are expended moments during a grueling season of training. Success is not ever a guarantee. The only guarantee is that all races end, all games run out of time, and the last out always comes…

To our avail, however, each season comes, and comes again. A new chance to bring back a nobler goal, with a higher reach.

Off season does not exist in life.

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