Four shells of thought…

14 Jul

The means by which we define ourselves as people is a very personal form of expression. Throughout the history of man the efforts to define truth, capital T, has been paid for in blood. All faiths and derivations there of have given spin to what makes us, us. From the things I have learned this far in life, it all seems a little heavy. From my point of view, anything that claims to be 100% certain of anything… Is dangerous. Luckily, I was born into a world that offered me an alternative.

In 1984, the world was given the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Four once seemingly average turtles, were transformed, and thrown into a world of disorder. Sure, these fictional cartoon characters offered no tangible front against crime and injustice. Bad guys didn’t fear their wrath. Streets were not any safer. Kids had no role models from under the city streets. They didn’t even exist.

My experience however has told a different story. My solid plastic turtle shell back-pack was filled with foam-covered nunchakus, orange, red, purple, and blue, hole-cut bandanas, action figures, and comic books. These weren’t toys to me. These were my tools to justice. They were the tools for my friends and my adventures in tree forts and neighborhood streets. They were the means by which we would act out our plans to overthrow Shredder and his mob of fierce ninja warriors. To us, they were the front against crime. They offered us the ability become our heros, and strike fear in our enemies. Because of us and our bandanas, our streets were safer, and the kids around us, a good, and just group of role models.

Michelangelo with a peace and love mindset, evened out the anger and discontent in Rafael. Donatello’s conceptual mind was materialized by Leonardo’s inventive ability. Each weakness of one played into the strength of another, and as a whole, they were better than they ever could be divided.

This was the childhood I lived. I grew into this notion that everyone around me had something to offer. To this day, I believe that to be true. To this day I believe in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


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