Heres the deal… Without the specifics…

28 Jul

Time to be straight forward.

People are going to doubt you. It’s inherent. In my opinion, this doubt is born out of the internal faults that we recognize in ourselves. And, as it is, I cannot experience life in the shoes of another… Sure, we all speak of high hopes of trust, and love; but ultimately, our inner self will win every time. And I don’t necessarily think that there is too much wrong with that. It gives us a layer of security from the real evil that exists in the world, and unfortunately within us all.

The problem gets to be when this safety wall manifests itself as the end-all, be-all deciding factor for everything we do, say, or believe. It gives rise to the frustration, anger, rage and cynicism that we see in the world. As the world around us battles between the superiority of the “greater good”, and “personal gain”; people struggle to find a balance in the world that has become.

For a very long time I thought I had it all figured out. I thought that by focusing on the greater good and working my way into fields that could contribute to that, I would forego the burden of this struggle. Unfortunately I couldn’t have been more wrong.

My strong opinions and vocality of those opinions quickly developed into small disagreements with the people I thought to be most important in my life. As my understanding of certain areas of life grew through experience and education, so in effect too did the divergence of once strong bonds and commonalities. As I began to recognize this in some of the relationships around my life, a juncture of these two philosophies became apparent. I had to choose. I had to choose to stand behind who I had become as and individual to pursue one greater good, or to let go of ideals to pursue another greater good. And this is when the relativity of context and perspective became apparent.

A little thick… I know… But it is true. Every gain is a loss, and every loss is a gain… It just depends, from which side of the equal (=) sign you look. Its a pickle. And you have to choose. One day, some how, it will happen. You WILL have to make a decision that carries with it opportunity and misfortune alike. The difficulty of this is that life is not like a math equation. That goes to say that on paper and equation can end with a closed bracket on each side. The behavior of such an independent equation is not mirrored in life.


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