the trip up…

30 Jul

the trip up…

whoa. now i don’t know how to break it to ya. but i don’t know that guy to well yet either. but i have learned a couple things about the way he reacts to life. his first instinct is to put all in to a commitment. bikes. runs. waters. military. adventures alas. sought. fought and bottomed out before he quit.

have i run things into the ground before. sure. but every inch given is an inch gained. every step up a cost. when we take things one step at a time… usually we wont forget to breathe at the end. its kinda one of those things unfortunately.

but we all do it. we all forget to breath sometimes. i learned this on many trails in many parts of my life. yosemite probably did it first. the elevation and scapes. pristine.

the city left behind. the trail all-afoot.

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