nothing is as it seems… nor is it otherwise…

23 Aug
nothing is as it seems… nor is it otherwise…

Mistakes. They are surely made. Trusting too easily. It is a choice. It is an applied decision of dangerous practice. It leads to a lot of pain, hurt, and disappointment. It cuts deep and hard. But what is the alternative?

There have been many people who have chose to close the door. To not put so much out there. To not offer. To not give. To act as though shutting out the reality of life’s true danger makes it disappear. I say no. Incorrect. An earthquake doesn’t end if the blinds are shut. Reality demands our attention. All people everywhere are a part of this shared reality. Fall in love with people. All of them.

The reactions, the happiness, the pain, the sorrow, the hope, the fear… It is all so explostive and volatile. It is all so beautiful. Even the responses to this stupid little note are amusing. Some people accept, or allow. Some people refuse, or deny. Some people laugh and say I am corny (which I very much am.) But it is a choice. And it is my choice. You cannot take it, you cannot stop it.

The things I have realized in recent years is that you cannot let someone tell you what you AREN’T capable of. The world is full of people who are going to tell you what you can’t do. But if there is a will, there really is a way.

Call me a dream chaser… Call me a romantic… Call me cheezy… Call me a sap… It doesn’t matter. I know me. I am ever conscious of myself. I am sound with who I am. It doesn’t mean I am always on steady ground or even that I have a firm grip on reality. But so what… Who are you…? What is your reality…?

So what do we do? Because every decision is a chance and every chance is a path; and all paths lead somewhere. You can choose to stand still… But the seasons won’t… and someday you will be standing cold in the snow, wearing sandals and a short sleeved t-shirt.

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