…interview: any mouse trail shred.

29 Aug


***** *****
All I want to do is ride. shred red.
bikes. why bikes.
why do we.
What do they have to offer.
what about freedom.?
does it let free all of our bounds? likely not.
but to know the engine of the bike dies only when our heart does. the engine of it; we become. forty. sixty miles. ours.
owned. but is it?
make shit happen. is that the motto to live by then. suppose for now it is so.

it’s just the trap of it all, tho. All our stuff… alllll this stufff everywhere. always around. engulfed i feel. and what we owe for it, thats a whole nother mess of issues. and even further, who depends on us for in all this trail of life… and; crap, i just blew my last tube and my rim is shot… ghostbusters? well. not yet. but someday. i feel nostalgic on my bike. so i’ll go with it. its surely not love though. … right.?

one giant flip over the handle bars after another. So goes life i suppose. and a refound, reclaimed passion has become mine again.

i enjoy letting go of it all. no thought, but reaction. a good dog sure doesn’t hurt. for me its a time to unleash. bound and enjoy. I dont think on the trail. Linus can do that.


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