Him… Her…

04 Mar


I guess I can’t really consider things any other way. It’s not as though it was through some conscious choice I chose this path. Not at all.

Our story is way more complicated than some point A, Point B google map. Unfortunately my generation hasn’t been blessed with the opportunity of redundancy. Oh no, our generation meets challenges at an exponential rate. We don’t have the excuse of “I don’t know.” Rather, our mishaps appear in the form of, “I was finding out.” And so it was…

I was finding out the ratings on starting pitchers for a fantasy baseball league. I had never been in a fantasy anything before, but I figured it would give me the chance to actually say something at break today…

It was the bloody nose that really scared me. I wasn’t ready to see the smoke pouring out of the front bent end of my car. I was so buried into my fantasy that I ran straight into her.

* * *

My broken arm landed me in physical therapy. I didn’t see her often in my weeks of therapy. I knew nothing about life in the hospital. Until I met her. She worked nights in the ER. The night before we met she had swapped shifts to see a show in the city. She had found her self immersed in her work. I had never dreamt of her world. In and out of business school, I never questioned the path in front of me; I just trusted the opportunities I landed. Her path was similar. Her path was simple. That is, In theory at least.

Both of us were caught off guard that morning. Bloody nose. Tearing eyes. A broken arm. Late to work. Another dreary morning. Her spilled black coffee stained her jacket. And she still had her boss to deal with… Her damn boss. All of it…

And then there was Him…

And then there was Her…


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