[Your Name Here]… revisted

20 Apr

[Your Name Here]

You wanted a tree, so I found you one deep in a wood.
Far from the world that brought us to our pained state today.
So I got away.
I found what you wanted.
Your own tree of history. No mark had scared the depths of her bark.
Her strong bough stood taller than any tree by her side.
She lasted centuries hidden from pain, struggle and loss.
I wanted to find passion in my heart for her fortune and grace.
But rather, with hammer and chisel I made her yours.
I dug as clean and deep into her skin, and put in her my sorrow and loss.
The immediate remorse for my attack set in with each consequential blow.
But I owed her the respect to finish the job.
Her Bark began to bleed the sap of her growth.
Her longing to reach the sky had never been threatened.
Not until this day.
A day of my rage, my submittal to imperfection.
My weak will.
My desire.
My desire to give you what you want.
It took from me, a piece of myself.
My fight against it all, lead me to destroy beauty.

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