Dear Matt…

16 May

I wish you hadn’t gone.

I wish you would have waited. I wish you would have waited for me to come back and share another whiskey. I wish you I could have told you how great of a friend you were. I wish I wouldn’t have been so naive to think that you would always be around. I wish I could call you and say I am sorry for not calling. I wish I could say that any of my wishes made a difference.

But they don’t. Today, you are gone. You aren’t hear for me to call. You aren’t here for me to tell you how you are a rock in a world of pebbles. You aren’t here to have a whiskey… So instead, I shared a whiskey with a memory. A memory of a heart of gold. A memory of a true friend.

You were there through thick and thin. You made the world around you a more enjoyable place. You brought a smile to anyone who ever knew you. You had a charisma and charm that couldn’t be denied. When you spoke, people listened, and when you listened, people noticed. You could carry the world on your back, and many times, you did.

I miss you already Matt. I cannot believe you are gone.

I won’t tell you that I believe you are in some magic fairy land of rainbows and unicorns; because I know you wouldn’t want me to submit to such a fantasy unless I truly believed it. It was what made our friendship so special. You were so firm in your beliefs… and I in mine… But we knew the character of each other. Regardless of where we stood on the ballot box, or afterlife, or foreign affairs, I had your back, and you had mine. If you were about to beat some liberal hippie into the ground at a bar, I was right behind you… Because I knew it wasn’t because of what he believed, but because you could see his inner schmuck…

I love you Matt. I will never forget you. Thank you for being such an amazing person. You are a foundation for greatness. You are a rock.



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