The next move…

14 Sep

I ask that you use this music for the read…

Even the most calculated of plans can be foiled by our inability to aknowledge that, despite our best efforts, we will never fully understand the other. It is a dance… A perry and joust.. It is a discourse of foreign languages, of which neither parties are fluent.

So, how do we decide? How do we choose? Or better yet, why do we choose.. when inaction is an ever existing option… and perhaps the better option.

Often, I believe, we choose to act because it gives us a sense of control. It gives us the ability to see the ripple of our making… We see an effect. Regardless of the fact that the effect may be of our design, it is impossible for us to know the affect our ripples will have.

It is a complex puzzle. It is a web we weave, among a world of others, whom are simultaneously weaving their own webs.

We must find it in ourselves to recognize that most people are trying to form their own webs. They are caring for families, neighbors, and loved ones. They are trying to make their web a more loving and strong web, so that the next generation can build off of what was built before them.

It is the responsibility of the noble, the able, the strong and the willing, to interweave our webs. To help us recognize that we have more in common, than we do apart… All 7 billion of us exist at this exact moment in time. It is a moment where we, as a species, we are fragiley balanced on a knife’s edge of existence and perrish.

This is not one city’s problem… nor one states’s, country’s, or continent’s problem… It is our global dilema…

All too often, we as individuals, personalize issues without recognizing that our opponent is playing the same game as we are… And it is when we fail to recognize this, that we are blindsided with a painful reminder.

Do not mistake my candeur for failure to recognize that evil exists… For I know that it surly does… It breeds in the realms of ignorance, anger, vengance, greed and hate… But the optimist in me believes that knowledge and growth are capacities of all human beings… and it is not through killing, that these evil traits shall be overcome… but through growth, learning, care and nurture.

Listen and hear…
See and observe…
Touch and feel…
Care and try to understand…

Live an examined life…

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