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04 Jan


Had a good buddy write up a short story in a matter of five minutes on my type-writer one night… I told him I was going to post it… so here it is…

Written by @Johnson_CT

I went to the store with my best friend to buy a gallon of milk so I could have a nice yummy bowl of cereal. I met this pretty old lady at the store with a snaggle tooth. It scared me at first but I looked past her deformity into her heart and saw a beautiful woman.

She took me home to her house to have a cup of coffee with her and her pug. After a lovely evening with Janet I let myself out and drove myself home. On the drive back I couldn’t stop thinking of her oversized ear lobes. They were fucking nasty… Like, I know she sees them, get that shit fixed. I decided to never go shopping at the Safeway where I met her ever again.

Months passed and I had sex with lots of hot women, and not a single thought of Janet crossed my mind. It wasn’t until I read in the newspaper that a woman by the name of Janet Homecomb had lost her pug, and was offering a $200 reward to anyone who returned her pug. That moment I was flooded with a monsoon of emotions. I began to think how happy I was during that short time I spent with Janet, some 4 months ago.

I found myself on a manhunt for this little pug, so I could return him to Janet. Not so I could receive the reward, but so I could see her face again. At that moment something from the corner of my eye caught my attention and caused me to swerve across the double lines and into oncoming traffic. It was as if time halted, and I was suspended in some sort of limbo. The feeling was quickly replaced with terror and panic, as the nose of the car lifted into the air, and I became weightless. Everything was surreal and I felt at peace again. Then the faint scream of an old woman leaked into my bleeding head as I climbed out of the wreckage.

My car no longer resembled a vehicle, only a pile of rubble in the middle of a cacophony of noises. I stumbled to the street to see a body laying in the road in a puddle of blood. I still did not know what had happend, until i heard her voice… It was Janet.

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