An empty chair…

07 Jul

two chairs

Two chairs. Thats how it started. Two chairs at the end of a dock. Each holding a piece of a hopeful future. The potential of each was unlimited. Side by side they could set the stage for a life paired to take on the world. But the shadows that set the stage were ever present. The storms that clouded the dock demanded attention. They demanded that they be addressed… and to turn a blind eye to the threat was foolish.

But life was so exciting in the sunshine. The ambition and drive seemed to clear the path. A new life amid hope. And, love… oh love. It masked the bitter clutch of peril that lie ahead.

The grip of the bottle was ingrained deeper than either knew. Its hidden and cunning toll was concealed in coats of glamourous oil colors, and adventure that spanned the globe. The strives of accomplishment so great that no such evil could be thought to lie just below the surface. Intellect and charm convinced even the sharpest of minds that the stumbles of the past were merely hurdles. In truth they were tearing screams of a drowning soul coming up for gasps of life. But the subconscious mind was fierce to protect, a habit that crippled the life in which it had taken root.

As time passed, the toll began to show signs on the surface. Rust began to creep at the corners and edges. Without the attention, the unvarnished chair of the pair weakened. Its task to bear the weight of life was under question; yet even in this dire time, no immediate action was taken.

And then it happened. The weight of the bottle broke the legs of the unvarnished chair. The lack of self care, and attention brought the chair to failure. Riddled with the rot of neglect the chair was forced to its knees. To it’s knees. Exactly where it belonged.

Let it be known that the legs, though rusted and weary, can and will be repaired. The formidable days behind built a strong soul. Appreciation and respect for the storms past, come as cautionary tales that need be heeded. Understanding that those storms are on the brink of every horizon is essential. That every day is a new chance, and every chance is a new opportunity. Life will be whole, with new purpose. Hope will anchor the soul and the sunshine will return.

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