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see the world… from a different angle


As I sit here on Thanksgiving, missing my friends and family, I am thankful for the lessons I have been taught on seeing the bigger picture. I am thankful for the opportunity to be away from home today.

I am climbing. I am no longer looking up at the daunting task ahead. I am in it. The journey is not some ambiguous story of future endeavors. I wake up everyday and get to work. I am an Airman.

It is a small change in title, but the ultimate destination will find me in a world I could not have ever imagined as a child. Occasionally I get caught off guard by the magnificence of the things that are going on around me. I go in to work, walk past three mission ready helicopters with crews ready, to save lives. I walk into a hanger with men and women working tooth and nail, day in and day out.

Last week I got to refuel a helicopter that remained powered up because it was engaged in a mission. I got to sit in the cockpit as another was pulled out to the launch pad. All without really recognizing the immensity of what those small tasks were adding toward.

But really, this is all just the secondary part of my day. The true daily honor is the moment I stand before the heros who are training us. The Rescue Swimmers. The moment I get put in the leaning rest position, ready to do however many push-ups they deem appropriate. The moment I enter the pool in the morning and do a warmup 500. The moment when I hit exhaustion, and it is demanded that I sprint down, and underwater back. The honor is mine, to be molded. To become what I believe I can be. To become what they are training me to be.

It is far from easy. There are many moments when I don’t want to do what is asked of me. When I don’t want to do another push-up. When I dont want to get in the cold water. When I don’t want to hold my breath any longer… But then you do it anyway. You see the world from a different angle. From the future looking back, what do you want to say of yourself. From under the water looking up, what do you want to know of yourself. From inside the helicopter looking down, what can you do for the world.


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My road… My path… My understanding…

I sit here tonight, not knowing what lies ahead. I have a plan… I have an idea for where I want to end up… But nothing I say, or believe will get me where I want to be. My life is in the hands of what I am able to persevere. The future of my life swings on my endurance to succeed in the next twelve months ahead. Can I see through the dark? Can I hold strong against the resistance? Do I have it within myself to maintain my will?

I have always been a persistent person. I stick to my convictions. I find meaning in my words, and am often able to turn it into action… But I have never been challenged like I am about to be challenged. I have trained my entire life for these next few months… and I cannot deny, I am intimidated by the mountain ahead. I am cautious and understanding of the magnitude of the path I am choosing.

I am choosing a life that demands I put my life at certain risk to save another; and I am facing the greatest test imaginable. I am facing 4 months in an airman program of grueling preparation, for another 4 months of examinations in A School, that will judge my character, and ultimately decide weather or not I am fit to be called a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer.

I have chose this path, because of my conviction to make a difference in this world. I have chose this path because of who I have been raised to be. I have chose this path because I know it is who I am meant to be. I am persistent. I am unrelenting. I challenge myself to be more. I demand discomfort to be a part of my daily routine. I push myself beyond the expectations of others, and often, beyond the expectations of my former self. Day in, and day out… I seek a road of my design.

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