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Strong optimism… President Obama…


All I can say is, re-energized. Time for movement. Time for progress. To all my fellow veterans, listen to what is said at [7:15], please listen and tell me President Obama doesn’t care about you. I feel ready for voting season after this speech. I am not saying my vote is sold, set, or cast, but I am ready. Optimistic, and ready.



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… the broken down block.

The nights that go well are earned. All of them. A good time requires work. Different people with different lives all colliding in one place at one time… There is no telling who is dealing with a broken heart. There are no floating status boards over real life. The eruption of laughter is just as infectious as the harbor of displease.

Life is spent dwelling in the illusion that it is an individual experience. In the burrows of homes in communities worldwide, this illusion is fostered. The belief that one person’s life is not connected to another. Things are played out as independent and unrelated. The acceptance of this falacy blocks many of life’s Truths. Our inner most truths are therefore are to us, a possession we call our own.

The reality is, is that this all is interconnected. The faucet of our own reality is from but one source. Life is abound. It surrounds all of us. If we can just start to agree on that, we might have a shot at this whole existence thing. We all struggle to come to terms with our different ways of explaining where it all comes from. We divide, and attack each other. We find terms in different languages with different cultures that seemingly conflict, & we kill because. Just because. We take lives.

That is how humanity as a whole goes. But in the real world, us ordinary folk go to the local pub, and share a good time. Have a laugh when we spill a glass of water as we introduce ourselves to someone new. The smile from a cute little dame, the snuck kiss to a needing cheek; these stolen moments are but arsenal in the battle against the pessimists. The work to overcome the differences we all have is our frontline. It is the acceptance of the problems, and the willingness to press on anyways, that makes us different than the negative nancies. ¬†We are the ones who haven’t forgotten what it is to have fun, and enjoy life. Just because all those frowny people on tv tell me life is terrible, doesn’t me I have to lie down and say, “So it is!”

This is a call to enjoy the company of company… just because it’s company. To fall in love, when everyone says you can’t, and you shouldn’t. To be the couple that stayed in tonight, because they found themselves a cozy little home, in a cozy little town. To be okay with home. To laugh, and smile, and laugh, and smile. To be okay. To keep on pressing. To break down the block.

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