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My road… My path… My understanding…

I sit here tonight, not knowing what lies ahead. I have a plan… I have an idea for where I want to end up… But nothing I say, or believe will get me where I want to be. My life is in the hands of what I am able to persevere. The future of my life swings on my endurance to succeed in the next twelve months ahead. Can I see through the dark? Can I hold strong against the resistance? Do I have it within myself to maintain my will?

I have always been a persistent person. I stick to my convictions. I find meaning in my words, and am often able to turn it into action… But I have never been challenged like I am about to be challenged. I have trained my entire life for these next few months… and I cannot deny, I am intimidated by the mountain ahead. I am cautious and understanding of the magnitude of the path I am choosing.

I am choosing a life that demands I put my life at certain risk to save another; and I am facing the greatest test imaginable. I am facing 4 months in an airman program of grueling preparation, for another 4 months of examinations in A School, that will judge my character, and ultimately decide weather or not I am fit to be called a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer.

I have chose this path, because of my conviction to make a difference in this world. I have chose this path because of who I have been raised to be. I have chose this path because I know it is who I am meant to be. I am persistent. I am unrelenting. I challenge myself to be more. I demand discomfort to be a part of my daily routine. I push myself beyond the expectations of others, and often, beyond the expectations of my former self. Day in, and day out… I seek a road of my design.

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